Embroidered Touch 3

Visitors at EXPO Chicago 2024 were able to experience how Embroidered Touch 3 works by creating soothing individual soundscapes. Their sensory encounters wandered through sound, imagery and touch to create a healing sensation. As they touched, or ‘played’ insulated conductive wires embroidered on the Shibori-dyed textiles, they could hear the sound of field recordings from urban spaces and nature walks, plus recorded string and percussion instruments. When visitors touch these embroidered wires, signals are sent via a circuit board to a Bluetooth-linked iPad. A custom-designed app on the iPad interprets the signals, instantly playing one of three pre-recorded sound palettes, and also triggers custom-designed imagery on the screen. Visitors can choose to listen to the sounds, see the imagery, or both. Three sound palettes, Morning, Mid-Day and Evening, combine specific instrumental soothing tones with field recordings. The visual content is an animation of textile treatments reflecting a journey through the body starting with the heart.

Team Anke Loh:

Technology in collaboration with Christine Shallenberg and Out of Pluto.
Technical embroidery in collaboration with ZSK.
Sound recordings in collaboration with Peter Maunu.
Shibori dyed Fabrics in collaboration with Envision Unlimited Rose Center, Chicago.