This is an OPEN CALL for individuals and groups who feel unheard, misunderstood, marginalized and invisible.

It is an invitation to GATHER and COLLABORATE on art installations that amplify your voices and real-life experiences. Whether queer, indigenous, immigrant, refugee, senior citizen, or a person with a disability, all of us are connected by our shared humanity. This truth is too often mired by conflict, inequality, greed, misunderstanding, and a lack of empathy. The role of CRAFT & MAKING—to facilitate communication and HUMANIZE THE OTHER—is at the heart of THE RE-WIRED PROJECT, an ART INSTALLATION that will be displayed in a gallery exhibition at FACILITY from September–November 2022,

THE RE-WIRED PROJECT is inspired in part by the moving and powerful expressions of solidarity that emerged as chalky sidewalk slogans and impassioned murals throughout the City in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The walls, sidewalks, front yards, and windows of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods have long served as a canvas, reflecting individual and community values. These very public yet personal affirmations, including sentiments like ‘I am beautiful,’ ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Hate Has No Home Here,’ bring awareness to social justice issues that have long impacted our city’s (and nation’s) complicated relationship with its history. It is also an expression of hopes and dreams. From The Great Migration of African Americans from the South to refugees fleeing conflict in Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, Chicago continues to serve as a city of hope and refuge; a reality filled with contradictions and opportunities for self-reflection.

To Participate
Here is a link to register to participate in the creative workshops at Access Living:


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